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concrete driveways Daventry

Stamped Driveways Daventry

Having your old driveway removed and replaced can be a rather costly affair and for that reason alone asphalt paving can be quite attractive as it’s one of the least expensive options available to the consumer.  While you may be tempted to select this option, you’ll want to explore stamped driveways Daventry as they offer flexibility in design options such as patterns and colours while having a durability and low maintenance requirements that could end up saving your money over the long term.

One of the common problems that can occur with asphalt driveways is cracking and sinking due to the flexibility of the material used, especially in warmer climates.  As you park your vehicle in the same spot, the material will shift and sink over time creating grooves in your driveway.  Cracks are also common and can lead to unsightly weed and grass growth within these cracks.

Concrete doesn’t suffer the same issues if installed by qualified professionals that prepare a  solid base of gravel before pouring and imprinting the concrete.  The concrete is more durable and doesn’t suffer from the same issues when installed in warmer climates.  This can end up saving you money in maintenance costs to repair periodic cracks or repairing sections of your driveway that have become uneven.

When properly maintained, pattern imprinted concrete driveways Daventry also have a longer lifespan.  The maintenance required on decorative concrete surfaces is minimal, only requiring regular cleaning and re-sealing every two to three years depending on your installer’s recommendation.  If the surface becomes faded, you can revitalize it by having it re-coloured and sealed.

Regency Drives offers nationwide installation of imprinted concrete driveways as well as other paving options such as brick paving, flagstone and tarmacadam.  If you’re interested in obtaining a free quote on replacing your current driveway, contact one of their friendly staff today.

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