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If you trying to make the choice between brick paving or stamped concrete to replace your current driveway, here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider pattern imprinted concrete drives Stretton.  This biggest advantage of stamped concrete is its economical cost.  You can achieve a similar look and feel to brick paving at a lower cost by using decorative concrete for your driveway, pathway, patio or pool area.

Another main advantage to imprinted concrete is the fact that it doesn’t sink or spread like brick paving.  Over time, the individual bricks using in the surfacing project will sink or shift due to various factors, including pressure from your vehicle, drainage of your property and weather.  With pattern imprinted concrete driveways you won’t experience the same issues as it is poured as a solid slab eliminating shifting.  Sinking or the unsightly grooves created from parking your vehicle in the same spot are also eliminated with this type of surfacing solution.

After your concrete driveway is poured and imprinted, the installer will apply a sealant to the surface to prevent staining from your vehicle’s fluids.  This protective layer prevents liquids from absorbing into the concrete, preventing stains and deterioration of the surface.  Additionally, this protective layer also protects the finished product form the elements, including the sun, which can cause fading colours in brick paving.

Finally, imprinted concrete is weed free.  As mentioned earlier, stamped concrete driveways are poured as a solid slab, which prevents weeds from penetrating it and popping out on the surface.  With brick paving, weeds can grow in between the stones, especially if they’ve shifted and allowed dirt to build up in the cracks.

Regency Drives specializes in the installation of pattern imprinted concrete driveways and offers their clients a wide assortment of patterns, designs and colours.  To discuss your project and request a free quote, be sure to contact one of the friendly staff at Regency Drives.

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