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Importance of resealing your stamped concrete driveway:

One of the most important items to maintaining pattern imprinted concrete driveways Bracknell is ensuring the layer of sealant remains intact and is reapplied periodically based on the installer’s recommendations or when you see areas are visibly worn.  The sealant layer protects the finished concrete driveway from a number of things including natural elements, moisture and other liquids that might leak onto it from your vehicle.

Unprotected concrete is prone to staining as the porous material absorbs liquids into the surface.  When oil or other fluids from your vehicle spill onto concrete that has not been treated, it can form stains quickly that are difficult to remove regardless of what cleaners are used.  By having an adequate layer of sealant on the driveway itself, a barrier is created that keeps the liquid on the surface of the layer rather then absorbing into the concrete itself.  Cleaning spills as they happen will help keep the protective layer intact.

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