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Concrete Driveways Stourbridge

concrete driveways Stourbridge

Imprinted Patios Stourbridge

Brick paving is a popular choice among higher end homes due to the appearance of the finished product.  The designs that talented professionals can create and implement are truly amazing and watching these projects from start to finish is very interesting as you watch these craftsmen complete their work.  A more economical solution to brick paving is pattern imprinted concrete driveways Stourbridge, which can create a similar look and style at a lower final price tag for the customer.  Here are some reasons why you might want to consider decorative concrete over brick or block paving.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing stamped concrete over brick paving is the maintenance that is required on both.  With brick and block paving, the installation team is utilizing hundreds and even thousands of individual bricks to create the effect that you’re looking for.  Over time, these bricks shift and sink under the weight of your vehicles as well as due to natural elements.  You’ll have to repair uneven areas to maintain the look of your driveway as well as to prevent weeds and other vegetation from growing in between the cracks.

Another big advantage to pattern printed concrete driveways Stourbridge is the fact that the completed product is weed free.  Instead of using individual components, a stamped concrete driveway is a solid poured slab with the patterns imprinted on the top of the surface.  Due to this solid composition, growth from below the surface is unable to penetrate in the same manner that can occur in brick paving installations.

If you’re considering either of these surfacing options, be sure to contact Regency Drives.  They have been offering their professional installation services across the UK for over 20 years and pride themselves in high quality and guaranteed workmanship at an economical cost.  Contact one of their professionals today to arrange for a free quote on your driveway replacement project.

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