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When most people think of the term concrete, they instantly visualize an unappealing grey material that is typically seen in warehouses, factories and walkways.  If you’re not familiar with pattern imprinted concrete driveways Wednesbury, you’ll be quite surprised at the various designs and colours that are available to create stunning patterned surfaces including driveways, paths, poolside areas and patios.

When you consult with paving professionals about replacing your driveway or other projects on your property, the wide range of patterns and textures that can be created will amaze you.  Cobblestone and circular patterns are very popular amongst consumers as are basket weaves and simulated brick paving.  If you’re looking for the appearance of natural stone, you can select patterns, colours and textures that simulate popular rock types such as sandstone, granite and slate.

Another popular effect you can utilize when having pattern imprinted concrete Wednesbury driveways installed is using a different pattern and colour for the edging to really make it standout.  Take a look at the company’s portfolio and you’re likely to find designs where they’ve incorporated simulated brick along the edges and even in the driveway itself to create a contrast to the main pattern.  This creates a very attractive and eye catching finish to your driveway.

The flexibility of design options in decorative concrete is also an excellent way to create appealing patios and poolside areas.  Adding textures to the finish can also prevent slips and falls when the concrete gets wet.

If you’re considering using imprinted concrete for your driveway, patio, paths or poolside area, contact Regency Drives.  They have extensive experience in several paving options and specialize in stamped concrete.  Their professional and friendly staff will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free quote on your project.

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