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As you investigate various surfacing solutions for your driveway, one of the things that you should consider is the climate in your area.  Hot and cold weather affect paving and surfacing solutions differently so you’ll want to make sure the product is suitable for your area or the company doing the installation takes adequate steps to ensure your new driveway will provide you with years of enjoyment.  Here’s a few ways in which climate affects concrete driveways Wigston.

Imprinted concrete is ideal for areas where hot weather is frequent.  Concrete is not affected by warm climates in the same manner that asphalt is.  Asphalt is known to become quite flexible during high temperatures, which can lead to sinking and cracking.  Stamped concrete driveways remain solid despite high temperatures and is an ideal solution for warmer climates.

Cold weather does have potential negative affects on poured concrete, especially areas that frequently experience frost.  One of the biggest factors in the cracking of concrete driveways and structures is something called frost heaving.  This is the process of ice formation below the surface of the soil when there are frost or freezing conditions.  The ice continues to form in an upward direction, displacing anything above it.  If the base of your driveway is not properly prepared, frost heaving can cause the ice to penetrate the base and potentially cause cracking of the driveway.  To combat this, installers will use a proper base of gravel beneath pattern imprinted concrete drives Wigston to prevent the ice from causing problems with the poured slab.

If you’re looking at replacing your current driveway with imprinted concrete but have concerns about the climate in your area, be sure to give the staff at Regency Drives a call.  They’d be happy to explain how they protect your driveway and offer you a free quote on installing your new driveway, pathway or patio area.

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