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Block Paving Whitchurch

Block Paving Whitchurch

Pattern Specialist Patios Whitchurch

A type of paving called crazy paving is all the rage these days! It is commonly used by non experts as a form of block paving. Stones of various shapes, cuts and sizes that effectively look like broken pieces of stone are laid together to form the surface. It is actually a form of paving that is thousands of years old in one form or another. Rock, clay bricks and concrete can be used together in this form of paving. It is actually a labour intensive process than its more patterned version of paving. Blocks have to match up properly and more thought has to be put into the layout.

Spending time to ensure that the block paving is properly laid can save time when it comes to jointing and mortaring. The focus is left on the truly original look of the crazy paving, rather than any cement or sand which is binding the blocks. Please note that mortar is actually the weakest part of the surface and too much cement between the slabs should be avoided.

Kinds of paving may take on board colour, shape and size of block paving Whitchurch, but what about the environment that it’s going into? Finding a colour that fits your home is important and challenging. The lighting can also be considered when it comes to choosing a colour, and so too the environment. Will there be a small verge between the paving and greenery? Or is a driveway going to be completely paved, with absolutely no greenery in the vicinity to speak of? These are questions you ought to ask when doing a block paving job. Take on board the home itself, whether it’s in quite an urban, built up area or a verdant suburb – or maybe it’s a mix of both. Choose your paving accordingly. Pattern patios. Block paving driveways

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