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Block Paving Litchfield

Block Paving Litchfield

You can contact your local block paving specialist for advice on block paving Lichfield. They can come to see your residence to provide suggestions and whether they feel block paving is a suitable surface for your driveway or a possible patio. They can determine what will be required in terms of drainage, let you know how long they think the job will take and settle on a final cost for the job itself. They can factor in the use of equipment and the cost of the bricks themselves – once you have decided on them.

Note that block paving stems from an ancient tradition. The same can’t be said of more modern surfacing methods. It’s not a “major job” when compared to other projects – although it may look like it once the job is complete. Block paving Lichfield can enhance a driveway or garden area in terrific ways. Once you have removed the old driveway or perhaps the lawn, you can prepare the land for the block paving. It has to first be leveled. A sub base is laid down if required. Next, sand is screeded over the area.

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a further fine layer of sand is brushed over the bricks so that it gets between the joints of the blocks, acting as what is effectively a cement to keep them together.
After a few days, the driveway may be sealed. This involved a sealant that may be water based with the interests of the environment taken on board. There are more powerful sealants on the market too. A coating of sealant will protect the driveway from the elements – including sun damage and rain water. Remember that as hardy and resilient as the bricks are, there is still a risk of water seeping into the brick work to do some damage. Services include driveway cleaning and resealing Lichfield.

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