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Block Paving Middlewich

Block Paving Middlewich

Expert Paving Middlewich

Recent trends have shown that blocked paving that achieves a tumbled or cobbled effect. This effect can be achieved in a number of ways, but the increase in its popularity among homeowners is without question. The blocks themselves are usually cast in concrete. Through various colours, they can achieve a number of looks or styles – but they all have a haphazard and striking, usually classical look, typical of paving that pre dates the twentieth century. The colours themselves are therefore quite limited, as they mimic an older design whereby numerous colours would not be available at the time. They may have slightly rounder edges, and some of the stones may be more misshapen to give that same effect of haphazard masonry. Taken as one surface, however, the effects of this old school kind of paving is stunning.

The block paving Middlewich can be laid in a number of sizes to achieve its haphazard effect. Sizes can comprise either 100mm x 134mm blocks, a medium size of 134mm x 134mm blocks or a large size of 134mm x 200mm, with a standard 134mm in each to make sure they fit together. Similarly sized blocks with one standard length or width can achieve the same effect. The patterns that result from two or three different sizes being laid alongside random placing of different blocks can achieve an overall look of cobbles. The blocks may be cut to fit the edgings.

When starting out a cobblestone project on a patio or driveway or similar surface in a residential area, be sure that you properly consult with professionals. The company that is chosen to do the project will have expertise in knowing which blocks will look the best, and you can dictate your own ideas and personal taste. Check out other finished projects completed by the professionals for other ideas. Block paving driveways

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