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Block Paving Ellesmere

Block Paving Ellesmere

Expert Patio Laying Ellesmere

With block paving, you can be the envy of your entire neighbourhood while increasing the value of your property. However, just a little work goes into maintaining your block paving Ellesmere area. This will therefore keep your neighbours envious. You can use a high pressure washer to clean your driveway. However, do not pressure wash the driveway too regularly, as it can have a negative impact on the sand bed under the block paving.

Wild flowers, weeds and mosses can be prevented from creeping up through the cracks of your surface with the use of weed killers and herbicides. However, make sure that any weed killers are suited to brick work and block paving before spraying.

Unless there are drainage issues involved in its prevention, you may want to get your block paving area sealed against the elements. This not only prevents water from causing damage to the brickwork, but it frequently helps to prevent sunlight from discolouring the block paving surface as well.

What about general wear and tear? Well, block paving Ellesmere stands up well in this respect against its competitors for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s among the oldest of surfaces, with centuries of technology behind it rather than just a century. There are numerous work arounds for damaged brickwork that other surfaces can’t provide.

Because any weights placed on block paving surfaces are distributed over the entire surface, they are very resilient in terms of placing weights on the surface. They can hold vehicles as well as more modern surfaces. They are therefore in many ways less likely to be damaged compared to other surfaces too. If one block is cracked, it can be easily replaced. In a similar situation with other surfaces, an entire area may have to be replaced in order to maintain the overall appearance.

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