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Asbestos Removal - What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the name of a natural mineral with extensively fire-resistant properties that make it one of the most ideal building materials ever fabricated. In fact, the word itself comes from the Greek word meaning ‘inextiguishable.’ The material has been used for thousands of years and, despite its notable characteristics and benefits, was thought to be responsible for the development of lung complaints in those handling it even as far back as ancient Greek times. That being said, there was no way of pinpointing the dangers of the material and therefore no efforts were made to control its use or the safety of those using it.

The industrial revolution saw the biggest resurgence in the use of asbestos, using the material for the construction of building materials to be used in pipes, ovens, kilns and other such products requiring high-temperature resistance. Despite a number of cases across the board of asbestos survey removal Bradford workers falling ill, the mineral was in no way regulated or controlled in an official capacity and a great deal of time passed before any useful studies were carried out into the matter.

It was not until the early stages of the 20th Century that people began to realise that sickness and early death seemed to be rife in areas where asbestos was mined or used in the highest concentrations. Studies ensued and confirmed that the fibres of the mineral were directly responsible for negative effects on the lungs of those exposed, though control and regulation still took considerable time to come about. Nowadays, with conclusive proof of the dangerous and potentially lethal characteristics of the mineral and its fibres, asbestos Bradford is banned for use across the vast majority of the Western world and must be removed and destroyed safely whenever and wherever it is found, in both domestic and professional capacities.

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