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Asbestos Removal Stafford

Asbestos removal: What’s required

Asbestos removal can be carried out in the home by a professional. Non-licensable asbestos removal Stafford has requirements in health and safety legislation. However, it is best to be safe at all times when it comes to asbestos removal, regardless of the laws of the land. You should keep others away from the area when you are clearing away asbestos – particularly and especially those who are not dressed for the task. So what to wear? Dust masks should certainly be used when you are removing asbestos – but these have to be approved for working with asbestos in general and asbestos removal Stafford. Overalls should be regarded as disposable – ideally these should also be approved for asbestos work, and should themselves be disposable in terms of their materials. Disposable garments of this kind are relatively cheap compared to regular overalls, and can be easily sourced.

The asbestos removal will involve wetting the material itself using water containing soap such as washing up liquid. So due to the wetness of the material, you should be certain that it is not in contact with any electrical wiring or electrical outlets of any kind. If the asbestos is in a solid chunk, remove it as it is. Breaking it up into smaller components means that it is more likely that fibres will float free. The removal of a whole sheet of asbestos is far better than breaking it up into parts. If the asbestos is in smaller component parts when it is being removed, it should be contained in plastic bags and sheeting and very well sealed. All of the dust should be captured in damp cloths – and the cloths themselves can be placed in plastic bags that are then fully sealed. Safety is all important when it comes to asbestos removal – always consult experts before using any tools you are not sure about when it comes to asbestos.

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