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Thinking Up a Great Patio Area

Adding a new patio to your home can help to increase both your property and entertainment values. A patio is a great outdoor space for get-togethers with family and friends. It can be the location for barbecues, parties, fun and games. Patio ideas range from exquisite to simple, yet stylish. The choice is yours.

Using What You Have

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel it is advisable to take full advantage of the space that you have and bring out its full potential. Regardless of size, you can create a patio that can be a welcoming outdoor area that will provide years of pleasure.

Focal Point
Many patio designs include a focal point- a central area which the remainder of the patio area focuses on. The focal point can be something minimal such as a fire pit or something grandeur such as a fountain, gazebo or a waterfall.
Choosing your focal point may be the difficult part, but the availability of patio ideas to compliment your focal point is almost endless.

Stand Out

An important part of gathering patio ideas is to consider the surfacing that you will use. The most obvious choice for a patio surface is cement, right? Maybe not. If you are looking for something to make your patio stand out, consider using stone for a surface. Ideas for stone choices include flagstone, brick and slate. Either of these can truly make your patio surface “pop.”
Another idea would be to consider creating a path or walkway into your patio area. The pathway can be lined with beautiful plants- either potted or planted. Adding lighting to your patio can create an inviting ambiance.


Looking for patio ideas is as simple as looking around your neighborhood, looking online, or picking up a home/decorative magazine. There is a world of of patio ideas waiting to be discovered.

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